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As Space for Nature platform we are seeking creative multidisciplinary artworks for the 1st edition of our virtual exhibition.

This open call presents a great opportunity for artists to meet and interact among themselves and the audience, exchange ideas while building a new artistic network. We will also provide technical support and promotion on social media. Besides, the applicants will take advantage of the workshops we will organize within our project.

As an inclusive platform, Space for Nature will publicly display all the selected artwork-submissions for an undefined period of time in our site, except from those that result on a lack of respect to any of the Human and Animal Rights as explained in the next section.

The main team of Space for Nature is also looking for artists to collaborate in the 2nd Phase “Physical Phase” of this project, which will consist of further art productions and events when the pandemy is over. Among the artworks participating in the virtual exhibition there will be a selection of the most suitable/adaptable ones to contribute in this PHYSICAL PHASE. Selected artists will be informed about this next step. By your artwork-submission in the Digital Phase, you accept possible inclusion of your artwork in the Physical Phase.


We are looking for artworks from local and international applicants utilizing contemporary art forms about our main topic the relationship and interaction between humans and Nature. Apart from this topic there is no limit in the format of your work, as long as it is technically eligible to be exhibited online. Painting, sculpture, installation, craftworks, music, dance, performance art, theater, video/film, photography, poetry, land-art, digital creations, interdisciplinar and non-classifiable proposals or any other possibilities on creation will be welcome. There is no limit in the number of artworks you can apply with.

As a virtual exhibition we will show the digital presentation of these works, so we expect to receive mainly four types of file: image, video, sound and text. (Please contact us for further format possibilities). The original format of the work doesn’t have to correspond to the file you send for example, you can register a theater play by using either a video, or pictures, sounds, text, or maybe a mix of them!

Although we do not stipulate any compulsory technical conditions, we want to share some format recommendations that will increase the possibility of your work to be chosen for the PHYSICAL PHASE. Find these clues here. [click]


Everyone is invited to be a part of this open call. Either if you consider yourself an artist or not, or if you’re a collective, you can apply. Space for Nature has a high opinion of diversity for applicants and, no matter what your age/gender/nationality/ability (you can define yourself disable or different) are, you just need to have your own perspective about Nature and be willing to share it through creation!

Beginning of the Open Call: September 30th, 2020, 00:00 (GMT +3)
End of the Open Call: December, 20th, 2020, 22:00 (GMT +3)

You can apply with your artwork(s) by filling the form below.

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    *Do not forget to make your Google Drive file settings editable by e-mail address.
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