"Space for Nature is a multidisciplinary art platform researching the interaction between Nature and humans"

This project intends to be a world-wide, long-term experience in which art, action and life will melt together to reflect about how humankind approaches Nature. As a result of the harmful philosophy that humans dominate Nature, the accumulative destruction placed upon the planet has come to a breaking point. Human greed is threatening the Earth and the livelihood of both its human and non-human inhabitants.

The destruction takes form not only in the physical manifestations of global warming, habitat loss, as well as wasteful and polluting mass production but also creates tears in our collective social fabric leading to wars, forced migration and economic crises. As the social fabric tears, it rips unevenly and affects those already socially, politically and economically marginalized. We seek to center and uplift currently existing philosophies that are sustainable and respectful around Nature.

It is urgent for us to come together and think creatively about how to reimagine our relationship to Nature. As Space for Nature artists, we make art to raise awareness and take action for global environmental justice. We believe art and life are intertwined: we question, respond, reflect and act. Space for Nature is an artist collective initiative that is an inclusive, multidisciplinary, innovative and interactive platform. Utilizing contemporary art forms, we critique the relationship between humans and Nature. This process allows us to observe ourselves, and in doing so, question our individual relationship to nature. We encourage individuals to participate in this process and realize their own creative potential, and how accessing creativity gives them the agency to reimagine a better relationship with Nature. We aim to work in collaboration with local and global institutions, NGOs, associations, communities, independent artists and interested members of society, and expand beyond our collective by means of our accessible art platform,, with artworks and inclusive activities.

We design our activities, workshops, talks and art events by emphasizing inclusivity. We aim to reach members of society who are traditionally excluded from experiencing and participating in different art platforms, and the members who define themselves as disadvantaged, disabled, elderly or youth. Space for Nature is an art platform for everyone.

Two Parts of Process: Digital and Physical

The project is designed in two phases: 1. Digital (Online visual arts platform and online activities) and 2. Physical (Performance art, workshops) In the digital phase, we hold space for artistic creation on the theme of Nature-human interaction. With our open calls, we invite individuals to participate in this process by submitting their artworks to our website. Submissions may be in any art form. We will incorporate these submissions into a virtual exhibition hosted on our website. Another aspect of this phase includes offering online workshops, seminars and training programs. We seek to cultivate our own ideas on Nature and offer outreach. In the physical phase, we aim to create further artistic productions including a selection of the submissions from the digital phase. We are planning to take the outcomes of the digital phase and its effects further to the physical phase with inclusive and multidisciplinary art productions such as dance in nature, (off-stage) site specific, (on-stage) dance theatre productions, exhibitions and publications by supporting the process with an artistic residency. Finally, it is our hope and belief that this collective experience will contribute to lasting change.

Change by means of artistic growth, a feeling of social belonging, living sustainably and re-imagining our relationship to Nature. Every action which opens a space for nature in peoples lives is a step to remind and refresh this essential connection.

Come and join us!

Be Aware, Act for Nature!

Express, Make Art for Nature!


We are a collective artists initiative, coming from different artistic backgrounds, working in collaboration with each other collectively, multidisciplinary, innovatively and interactively. We have initiated Space for Nature as an accessible art platform for every one. We encourage individuals, artists and society to be aware, question, act and express themselves through creative processes with artistic responses to the relationship of human and Nature. We work in collaboration with local and global institutions, NGOs, associations, communities, independent artists and non-artist individuals aiming to expand beyond our collective by means of our accessible art platform, works of art and inclusive activities.

We think every action which opens a space for Nature in people’s lives matters. We believe this collective experience will affect artistic and social life continuously and contribute to a change in

We invite you to be Aware, Act for Nature! Express and Make Art for Nature!