Terms And Conditions

1.1.- DENOMINATION_ Space For Nature is a Multidisciplinary Art Platform for the Research of Nature-Human Interaction. 

1.2.- MAIN TEAM_ This project is being managed by a team of 5 artists based in Turkey, US and Spain: Derya Demiroğlu, Gonca Gümüşayak, Tessa Magnuson, Alberto Monreal. 

1.3.- PRIVACY POLICY_ The use of the materials and information provided by the visitors is regulated in “2. SUBMISSIONS” page. 


2.1.- EXHIBITION_ All the submitted artworks will be publicly shown on our website ( www.spacefornature.com ) for an undefined period of time in our Online Exhibition. 

There will be a selection of the most suitable ones to participate in a physical Future Exhibition/Performance; all of the selected artists will be informed about this. By your submission you accept your possible inclusion in this selection.

2.2.- EXCLUSSION_ Space For Nature keeps the right not to include any artwork that shows a lack of respect to human rights or any infringement of the current international legislation. We will not support any sexist, racist, LGTB-fobic or discriminatory message. The authors will be complete responsible for all the contents in their creations. In no case  Space For Nature will take responsibility for any illegal, disrespectful, human-rights-breaking contents.

2.3.- ECONOMIC RIGHTS_ By submitting your work, you give Space For Nature the rights of Reproduction, Distribution, Broadcasting, Public Performance, Translation and Adaptation to use it in the Online Exhibition, promotional purposes or further future creations such as the Future Exhibition/Performance. Space For Nature will not need a new permission from you each time your work will be shown, but you will always be informed about it. 

There will be no money exchange between the submitters and Space For Nature.

2.4.- AUTORSHIP_ Space For Nature will always mention your name as an author of a submitted artwork when showing it to the public.
In case you produce your artwork specially for this project, we kindly ask you to mention that it was done in collaboration with Space For Nature when showing it in other platforms.

2.5.- MODIFICATION_ The artworks that will be selected for the Future Exhibition/Performance may be modified by Space For Nature team in order to adapt them to the whole set of creations. These changes will always have the respect to the author as a priority and you would be informed about them. 

2.5.1.- MODIFICATION OF VIDEO ARTWORKS_ In all the artworks with a video format, Space For Nature team will add at the end of the video a simple credit screen (3 seconds) in which the following will be read:



You can also add it by yourself; you can download from here:

ENGLISH: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sYoYgc18jnMQ2YI9xc6V8aEucUcxC-11/view?usp=sharing

TURKISH-ENGLISH: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sYoYgc18jnMQ2YI9xc6V8aEucUcxC-11/view?usp=sharing

SPANISH-ENGLISH: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RdleNoVFceROhWIy1fImsg7Lsse_oyNL/view?usp=sharing

The whole video will be respected with no changes, only this information will be attached at the end of the video in order to upload it to the online exhibition.

2.6.- NON-EXCLUSIVE, REVOCABLE RIGHTS_ These rights are not exclusive (you can use, show and sell your work to third parties whenever you want) and they can be revoked at any time by sending an email to 1spacefornature@gmail.com in which you specify your wish to repeal your participation in Space For Nature.

2.7.- PRIVACY POLICY_ Space For Nature will only use your data with administrative purposes and will never share it with other parties without your specific permission. We will use your contact data only to keep you informed about our project updates. Nevertheless, in the submission form you will find the option to provide your contact information in order to give you visibility and accessibility when showing your artwork.


This website was designed by Tessa Magnuson and was implemented with WORDPRESS by Ayhan Malkoc. 

Space For Nature team owns the rights for exhibiting all the materials shown in this website. The images and visuals were produced by Space For Nature team and authorised collaborations:

Samkale Bellacrux

Juan de la Cueva Aldea (Ig @jdelaproductions )

Derya Demiroğlu

Gonca Gümüsayak

Alberto Monreal