Sprout&Spread Art in Nature - Art Residency (Erasmus+)

Spain, September 2023

Thanks for photos: Ainara García, Derya Demiroğlu, Selin Göksel, Gonca Gümüşayak, Ismael Larraz

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More about the project

The online activities of the Erasmus+ funded project "Sprout&Spread" (system development and outreach activities) comprised six public meetings, serving as an extension of the face-to-face course. The goal was to value art in youth work as transformative, fostering self-expression, communication skills, and critical thinking.

Participants developed final projects at home, aligning with the course focus. Online pre-production sessions were held, and extra individual meetings were available for guidance. 

The six sessions included an introduction and evaluations of the training's impact on participants' work. "Artist Talks" featured presentations of their projects relating to art, youth, Nature and non-formal education. Participants applied new knowledge through formative dialogues and tutorials, framing the training as an artist residency. The final online session showcased participants' projects, shared through networks for broader impact.

These activities provided a dynamic channel for sharing experiences, knowledge, and results publicly, inspiring other youth workers or organizations. The artist-in-residence format reinforced the professionalization of youth workers, emphasizing art as an educational tool in environmental education. 

Online meetings after the training course supported participants in integrating art and Nature practices into their work.

We have discovered that collaborative projects like this can build confidence and a sense of community, while art's educational and therapeutic benefits contribute to emotional well-being. It can serve as a tool for cultural awareness, career exploration, and ecological and social advocacy, empowering youth to address issues and effect positive change. 

The platform Space for Nature also benefited from these activities, as it reinforced its public visibility as an active and useful European Network, keeping participants' creations alive and internationalizing the training results. 

Thank you to all participants!